exhibition archive

with words like smoke

curated by Isobel Harbison

Carl Andre, Anna Barham, Aoife Collins, Kit Craig, Marcelline Delbecq, Fergus Martin, Gyan Panchal, Amalia Pica, Lois Rowe, Cally Spooner and Raymond Taudin Chabot

20.01.10 - 20.02.10

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List of works

List of Works with Floor Map

  1. Cally Spooner 27 Interruptions, 2010, A4 text and image.
    Performance: Saturday 6th February 2010, 2pm
  2. Lois Rowe Argument from Design, 2006, video
  3. Fergus Martin Hoops, 2009, stainless steel
  4. Aoife Collins Downward Social Mobility, 2009, sound recording on vinyl, record player
  5. Fergus Martin Table, 2009, giclee print
  6. Gyan Panchal Trija, 2009, slate and sealing tape
  7. Carl Andre Desire, 1966, from 'Eleven Poems', artist’s edition of 1000
    courtesy the artist, Sadie Coles HQ, and Special Collections
    at Chelsea College of Art and Design Library.
  8. Kit Craig O, OU, OUT, 2009, wood and paper
  9. GyanPanchal Untitled, 2010, toner cartridge and charcoal
  10. Gyan Panchal Untitled, 2010, clay and toner powder
  11. Amalia Pica Some of that Colour - 3, 2009, mixed media
  12. Raymond Taudin Chabot Archive Project, 2007, video
  13. Anna Barham Slick Flection, 2009 - 2010, Performance: Tuesday 19th January 2010
  14. Marcelline Delbecq Oblivion, 2009 - 2010, Performance: Tuesday 19th January 2010
  15. Friday 19th February 2010:
    with words like smoke, Resonance FM (104.4FM) from 8 - 9pm

    A recording of 'Texts for Nothing' narrated by Irish actor Jack McGowan, recorded in 1958 will be broadcast on Resonance FM with new and adapted works produced live by Anna Barham, Aoife Collins, Marcelline Delbecq and Cally Spooner.