about Chelsea Space

Established in 2005, Chelsea Space is a public exhibiting space where invited art and design professionals are encouraged to work on experimental curatorial projects that may not otherwise be realised.

The programme is international and interdisciplinary covering art, design and popular culture. The emphasis is on curatorial experimentation, the exposure of process and ideas, and re-readings of artworks, collections and archives and their re-presentation for contemporary audiences. Chelsea Space is a platform for discussion and questions rather than definitive answers.

Chelsea Space's most dominant architectural feature is its large plate glass window. For this reason the exhibiting space will never be a white cube but instead operates as a vitrine or an animated screen. The ethos at Chelsea Space is welcoming - a meeting place where informal social networks can develop.

Chelsea Space is sited on the Millbank campus of Chelsea College of Arts, next to Tate Britain, and provides open access to the widest possible audiences.

2014 will see the introduction of the Exhibition Studio Workshop into Chelsea Space, which will show a changing selection of works and objects from the Chelsea Space, Chelsea College of Arts Library and Special Collections, in addition to the established exhibition programme. The Exhibition Studio Workshop is the practice-based strand of the new MA Curating and Collections postgraduate taught course which will give students the opportunity to work within the professional gallery environment. This unique workshop will engage students in live curatorial practice within a renowned public space.


Unsolicited Proposals

Chelsea Space exhibitions and events are programmed up to two years in advance on the invitation of the Director who then works closely with the Chelsea Space team and any collaborating individuals and organisations to develop and realise our projects.

Chelsea Space does not accept proposals and will not return work if it is submitted.




Interview with Chelsea Space’s Donald Smith (Director of Exhibitions)
Art Map London 2016
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Interview with RUN on the exhibition Should I Stay or Should I Go?
by Jesse Benson, Becky Koblick and RUN Gallery
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Sketchbook Magazine: The Chelsea Bench Analogy
9 January 2010


Matthew Higgs selected the exhibition Frank Sidebottom: CHELSEA space is Ace as his 3rd best show and described CHELSEA space as "a truly unique concern".
See Art Forum December 2007 issue

Artforum December 2007 cover


Neil Stewart refers to CHELSEA space in his review The Unnameable in ArtSEEN Summer 2007


Director of Exhibitions Donald Smith talks to
Cecilia Wee in Three Accounts of Autonomy in London Galleries in Printed Project issue 08

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External link:
Donald Smith talks to Vernissage TV about CHELSEA space




Chelsea College of Arts is part of University of the Arts London



CHELSEA space exterior view

CHELSEA space exterior view with window text by Lawrence Weiner from the exhibition TURTLE, 2006


CHELSEA space exterior view

CHELSEA space at the private view of the exhibition Shin Azumi and Norman McLaren, 2007



CHELSEA space interior plan with measurementsaccess points to CHELSEA space

(downloadable PDFs)
left: plans & measurements
right: access to CHELSEA space