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When Marcel Met Motley

16.09.06 - 21.10.06

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Installation views


Installation view

Installation view


Installation view

Installation view


London Theatre model

London Theatre Studio model


London Theatre Studio

London Theatre Studio with stackable 611 chairs by Alvar Aalto
Image Courtesy of the Marcel Breuer Papers, Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution


Motley Tiger costume

Motley Tiger costume for Merula Salaman © Guinness family


Vitrine close up

Vitrine close-up


Close-up of photographs

Motley original photographs © Sophie Jump


Marcel Breuer Marcel Breuer

Long Chair, Isokonplus; Isokon Stool, Isokonplus


The Motley Fashion Shop model Jacket

The Motley Fashion Shop model; Original Motley Jacket, Source/©: Sophie Jump


installation photographs by Shoko Maeda