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Blue View

Almost Bliss private view

CHELSEA space’s tinted windows succinctly announced the launch of our new show  Almost Bliss: Notes on Derek Jarman’s Blue 

private view crowd

The show revolves around Derek Jarman’s notes for his seminal late work Blue and is part of Jarman2014 a year long cycle of events, exhibitions, and screenings to celebrate the life and work of Derek Jarman and to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his premature death from AIDS … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Richard Wilson’s No Formulas private view + 1513: A Ships’ Opera

Richard Wilson talks with Will Alsop and Don Grant at the No Formulas private view

This year's model: private view visitors with maquettes by Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson’s No Formulas opened with an excellent private view on Tuesday 17th September.

Lights, Steam-Action! Richard Wilson's epic 1513: A Ships' Opera on the River Thames

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All Things Must Pass

olfactory experiences at Oswaldo Macia's Library of Cynicism

The end of Oswaldo Maciá’s Library of Cynicism at CHELSEA space was the beginning of a series of changes for us at Millbank.

Peter Blake: Four Decades at Chelsea Futurespace

Following Oswaldo Maciá came the closing of the superb Peter Blake: Four Decades at Chelsea Futurespace. We are very grateful to Sir Peter and to Brad Faine for their careful selection of the … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Lynda Morris, Frank Sidebottom, Motorcycle Cultures, Richard Wilson, and Derek Jarman

Lynda Morris invitation to Dear Lynda at BQ, Berlin. photo of Lynda: David Lamelas

Lynda Morris’s Dear Lynda  exhibition and archive, shown at CHELSEA space in July 2012, is now opening at BQ in Berlin. The show was initiated by Matthew Higgs at White Columns in New York then came in a new version to CHELSEA space followed by shows in Dundee and Norwich. The brilliant image of Lynda on the Berlin invitation is by David Lamelas More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

The Tennessee Two – CHELSEA space congratulates Jason Brown and Lori Odom on their Nashville Nuptials

Lori Odom and Jason Brown at their wedding last Sunday at the World Famous Station Inn in Nashville. photo: Laura Elkins

CHELSEA space is proud to announce the wedding of our great friend, CABGallery/CHELSEA cab curator and Art and Americana connoisseur Jason Brown to his Tennessee Bride, the wonderful Lori Odom. The two were married at the World Famous Station Inn in Nashville, Lori’s hometown and Jason’s favourite place.

Jason and Lori's wedding invitation designed by Paolo Crippacci

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Derek Boshier, “Everyman” Falling + Lloyd Johnson, A Man Installing

Artist Derek Boshier talks as part of the CHELSEA programme

We were very grateful to our good friend the artist Stephen Farthing for inviting Derek Boshier to come and talk about his work as part our CHELSEA programme of public events. Derek Boshier’s excellent talk confirmed his position not only as an important artist but also as one of the most original, experimental, and political artists of his generation.

[caption id=”attachment_1538″ align=”alignnone” width=”332″ caption=”Derek Boshier at Chelsea in front of a projection of his … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

More rehearsals from Aurea Romero + Seth Seigelaub and other visitors

A body in space - Aurea Romero working with Peter Downsbrough's AND HERE

Twice a week during Peter Downsbrough’s installation AND HERE at CHELSEA space,  a series of open rehearsals are taking place exploring spatial relationships between the human body in motion and the artist’s work. Dancer Aurea Romero receives choreographic notes and prompts from curator/choreographer Anna Manubens in Barcelona and a film document is made of Romero’s interpretation of the suggested choreography and her intuitive movements in response to Downsbrough’s placement of lines, … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Tuesday – PETER DOWNSBROUGH – Wednesday – DAVID TREMLETT – a great week ahead

This week coming we are involved with two of the most significant artists to emerge in the 1970’s and two new site-related works

Peter Downsbrough 'AQUI' 2008. Angels Gallery Barcelona

Tuesday 8th November 6-8.30pm Peter Downsbrough AND HERE + A PLACE TO BE opens at CHELSEA space . This show is Downsbrough’s first UK outing since his 1973 show at Jack Wendler Gallery, London, a subject that curator Teresa Gleadowe covered for us here at CHELSEA space  in the excellent Dematerialised: Jack Wendler Gallery 1971 … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

a home win for ideal private view

artist Crispin Chetwynd leans on a Richard Woods 'Drystone Wall on Wheels'

ideal home had a  fantastic private view and a brilliant first week with lots of great visitors during the London Design Festival and the Icon Design Trail. Here’s a few private view images, a full set will go up on the CHELSEA space archive in the near future.

Director of Tate Britain, Penelope Curtis, with artist Jeff Dennis

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David Tremlett invigorates the Tate stairs, whilst Bob and Roberta Smith, David Bowie, and Keith Richards add touches to the ideal home

David Tremlett with his wall drawing on the Tate Britain Manton staircase

David Tremlett has removed the scaffold to reveal his epic new wall drawing for Tate Britain’s Manton staircase. The difficult task of creating this work, discussed in a recent CHELSEA space blog, has all been worthwhile and Tate Britain has an important new work to show its many visitors.

David Tremlett's epic new wall drawing for Tate Britain

As mentioned … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here