a home win for ideal private view

artist Crispin Chetwynd leans on a Richard Woods 'Drystone Wall on Wheels'

ideal home had a  fantastic private view and a brilliant first week with lots of great visitors during the London Design Festival and the Icon Design Trail. Here’s a few private view images, a full set will go up on the CHELSEA space archive in the near future.

Director of Tate Britain, Penelope Curtis, with artist Jeff Dennis

Designer Steve Thomas and artist Peter Fillingham with CHELSEA space's Caitlin Smyth

Performer Eve Ferret

Jane Ashley and Desmond Letts

artist Richard Woods with CHELSEA space's Donald Smith and Arcade's Christian Mooney

Diane Guyot de St Michel and Fred Pradeau

artists Caroline de Lannoy, Rose Davey, Gary Woodley, and Bruce McLean

David Tremlett with Donald Smith and Massimo Valsecci

designer and photographer Syd Shelton with artist Stephen Farthing and V&A curator Carol Tulloch


ideal private view

Music writer Chris Salewicz with Subway Gallery's Gordon McHarg