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#9 Kinoteca presents
an anarchic salon by Michael H Shamberg

27.06.06 - 05.08.06

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"In Lebanon, at the border with Israel, there is a turtle sanctuary that is the result of being a protected area during the civil war. The almost extinct Mediterranean sea turtle was allowed to flourish. This is something good that came out of the war. I have gone through my own corporeal civil war and TURTLE is my sanctuary and celebration."

Michael H Shamberg

TURTLE is an open and chaotic network of diverse but interconnecting ideas, people, projects, events, and venues linked by American filmmaker, Michael H Shamberg.

Following an imposed period of inactivity and relative isolation, Shamberg reconnects with an international coterie of artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, musicians, dancers, architects.people, inviting proposals for readings, rantings, artworks, texts, performances and screenings.

TURTLE at CHELSEA space is intended as a hub with links to other satellite venues, or Turtles. This year's pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery, by Rem Koolhaas, will be one such Turtle. Crockett & Powell books another. It is Shamberg's intention that an international mesh of Turtles will evolve. Over 150 people will contribute to TURTLE at CHELSEA space including Lawrence Weiner, Yvonne Rainer, Gavin Bryars, Mellissa Kretschmer, Carl Andre, Jan Morris, Dan Graham, Rita McBride, John Baldessari, Markus Acher, Etel Adnan, Fouad Elkoury, Anna Faroqhi,Ana Da Silva, Liam Gillick, Keeley Forsyth, David Blandy, Gina Birch, Chris Marker, Peter Saville, Sluban Klavdij, Claire Barrett, Lab Architecture, Sylvia Kolbowski and Mia Lily Clarke. TURTLE will carry the spirits of Abbie Hoffman, Juan Munoz and Derek Jarman.

Michael H Shamberg is known particularly for his work with the band, New Order, and the artist Lawrence Weiner. His feature Souvenir played at the I.C.A., and his short The Temptation of Victoria is currently touring festivals worldwide. Michael is returning to work on a film in and of Beirut, while co-producing (with Natasha Dack) Enigmatic, a feature documentary about the groundbreaking British band, Joy Division, to be directed by Carol Morley. Shamberg was executive producer for Liam Gillick's Construcci? de Uno performed at Tate Britain in April, and his work with Lawrence Weiner was recently showcased at Tate Modern.


For information on live events and other Turtles stay tuned to www.turtlesalon.com


"Kindness is what matters, all along, at any age - kindness, the ruling principle of nowhere!"
Jan Morris













Exterior view with window text by Laurence Weiner

Exterior view with window text
by Lawrence Weiner

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view

Installation view (bar corner)


Derek Jarman  35mm test film for  Blue

Turtle event

Turtle event: Private Reading
A play about D H Lawrence, 2 August 2006