exhibition archive

the Life Room

Curated by Donald Smith with Stephen Farthing

04.11.09 - 12.12.09

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List of works

Lower space (the Life Lounge)

  1. Peter de Francia (b.1921)
    Female Figure c.1968
    Charcoal on paper
  2. Mario Dubsky (1939 – 1985)
    Two Figures from the Antique 1959
    Etching on paper
  3. David Ferry (b.1958)
    Motorway Men 1979
    Pencil on paper (made in the life drawing class of Mario Dubsky)
  4. Alice Masters and Dani Mathews
    Draw Quote Read 2009
  5. Sir William Orpen (1878 – 1931)
    Female Nude c.1929
    pencil on paper (inscribed: To Chelsea School of Art, William Orpen 1929)
  6. Mick Jones (b.1955)
    Life Drawing c.1975
    Pencil on paper (made at Chelsea School of Art’s Lime Grove studios)
  7. Programme for the Ceremonial Opening of Hammersmith School of
    Building and Arts and Crafts


  1. Hugh Gilbert
    Life Room at the Royal Academy
    360 degree photograph
  2. Leo Mason
    Selected photographic images

Main Space (the Life Room)

  1. Videos for a Technogym Excite+
    Curated by RUN Gallery 2009
    • Matthew Mcquillan,
      Nowness, 2009, reprojected footage with additional hand gesture,
    • Matt Johnstone and Dan Shaw-Town,
      Belbin's Roles in Groups, 2006, DVD, 15 minutes.
    • Edward Thomasson,
      Find a Problem to Solve, 2008, Digital video, 7 minutes.
    • Edward Thomasson,
      Plain Sailing, 2009, Digital video, 6 minutes.

  2. David Barnett
    Workout: A Digital Response to the Body & Machine Over Five Sessions
  3. Aphrodite (Known as The Venus de Milo)
    Plaster cast copy after marble original in The Louvre
    Late 2nd Century BC

  1. Group Cycle
  2. Excite+
  3. Wellness Rack
  4. Spazio Forma
  5. Kinesis