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Frank Sidebottom: CHELSEA space is Ace!

Curated by Donald Smith

04.07.07 - 04.08.07

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Drawing, animation, performance, props, music, cardboard, & a shed from the Bard of Timperley with special guests Little Frank And The Demon Axe Warriors.

With only an emergency quid in his shoe, star of show business, television and cardboard Frank Sidebottom has secretly brought his shed from his Mum's garden in Timperley, Manchester to CHELSEA space, London.

Frank Sidebottom - the Bard of Timperley - is centre of his world. His adventures take him from the outskirts to Manchester to outer space, though his mind never ventures far from the parochial concerns of the quality of freebies that arrive with his junk mail or how many coppers he can diddle his mum out of in her weekly shop. His crew includes Brevil the Toaster Puppet, mirror-toting Billy Belly and his reflected brother Barry, and Little Frank, a cardboard ventriloquist dummy who constantly outwits his creator - Sancho Panza to Sidebottom's Don Quixote.

Sidebottom straddles fine art and comedy. As a comedian he finds humour in everyday details, honing in on the sometimes lonely lives of a few made up individuals who befriend, depend on, use, and irritate one another. He is generally regarded as playing a prominent role in the development of the British alternative comedy / light entertainment scene of the modern era. He is also a prolific animator and visual artist.

CHELSEA space is proud to present Frank Sidebottom in an exhibition of drawings, films, animations, props and models dating from the 1970's through to the present day. He will be making live appearances at CHELSEA space throughout the exhibition and cardboard heavy metal band Little Frank and the Demon Axe Warriors will be giving special hourly performances.

Currently starring in Frank Sidebottom's Proper Telly Show in B/W on Channel M, Sidebottom also featured among the many stars of The Proclaimers' Comic Relief Video in 2007 and was celebrated in An Evening with Frank Sidebottom at Tate Britain in 2006. Frank (accompanied by a Dalek) previously participated in CHELSEA Space's 'Rehearsing/Samuel Beckett' exhibition in March 2006.

Watch out for Frank Sidebottom gigs at venues throughout London during the exhibition period and also a special performance at 'Late at Tate Britain' on Friday 3rd August.



















Frank Sidebottom
Frank Sidebottom

Frank Sidebottom
photos ©Shirlaine Forrest

Frank Sidebottom
Frank Sidebottom

Frank Sidebottom
for the event of Rehearsing/Samuel Beckett at CHELSEA space, 2006

Frank Sidebottom

Frank, little Frank and dog