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Summer Window 2016

Mix Tape

Work From The Collections

01 August – 12 September 2016

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Summer Window 2016

’Work From The Collections: Mix Tape, CHELSEA space Summer Window 2016

Collections and archives can take on many forms and contain a variety of disparate materials. In CHELSEA space’s sixty five show history many ephemeral objects and materials have found their way into the archive boxes that have been compiled for each exhibition.

One genre of material that has reappeared in different guises is tape/vinyl used in installations, performances and artworks, directly applied to the windows, walls and floors of CHELSEA space.

Mix tape is a term generally applied to a compilation of favourite or themed songs recorded on cassette to be shared with aficionados, friends and lovers. For the Work From The Collections CHELSEA space Summer Window 2016, we present a Best Of selection of tape and adhesive vinyl collected in the aftermath of exhibitions and kept in the CHELSEA space archives.

Left to Right:

Tape from a text on the CHELSEA space Windows 2008
Show No.23: Sharon Kivland: A Wind of Revolution Blows, the Storm is on the Horizon 07.11.08 – 13.12.08

Blue vinyl covering all of the windows in CHELSEA space 2014
Show No.53: Almost Bliss: Notes on Derek Jarman’s Blue 29.01.14 – 15.03.14

Gaffer tape used by the late Chris Sievey. The tape was wrapped around his nose to enhance his nasal North West English accent when performing as Frank Sidebottom. 2007
Show No.15 Frank Sidebottom: CHELSEA space is Ace! 04.07.07 - 04.08.07

Vinyl images of Gilbert and George performing as The Singing Sculpture (1970) 2016
Show No.65: Nigel Greenwood Inc Ltd: running a Picture Gallery 08.06.16 – 15.07.16

Vinyl tape applied to walls floors and ceilings by the artist Gary Woodley 2005
Show No.1: Gary Woodley: Impingement No.47 05.03.05 – 16.04.05

Vinyl from a site specific work by Lawrence Weiner for the CHELSEA space Window 2006
Show No.9: TURTLE an anarchic salon by Michael H Shamberg 27.06.06 - 05.08.06

Tape applied to the floors and walls of CHELSEA space by the artist Peter Downsbrough 2011
Show No.41: Peter Downsbrough - AND HERE + A PLACE TO BE 09.11.11 - 10.12.11




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