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Interalia 2014
Grenville Davey

23.04.14 – 31.05.14

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Grenville Davey & Dr David Berman in conversation

Thursday 22 May, 6 - 7.30pm

Lecture Theatre,
Chelsea College of Arts

(Atterbury Street entrance)
16 John Islip Street, London SW1P 4JU

Please click here to book via the UAL website or send email to info@chelseaspace.org

Interalia 2014: Grenville Davey

In response the exhibition Interalia 2014, CHELSEA space has invited the artist Grenville Davey to expand some of the ideas and theories that have influenced the production of the work for the show with Dr David Berman, Reader in Theoretical Physics at Queen Mary University of London. Grenville Davey had a six-month residency at the School of Physics and Astronomy from December 2010. Drawing on his long-term sculptural interests in works where pairs or families of works show a relation, Davey was drawn to the research of Dr David Berman. Dr Berman's research has focussed on making the hidden symmetries of string theory manifest through using a generalised geometric framework. This idea resonated with Davey's practice as an artist and has resulted in a long-term collaboration.

This event will open out these ideas to the audience and provide the space for some of the more complicated issues surrounding string theory to be discussed.

British artist Grenville Davey won the Turner Prize in 1992 for his exhibition of that year at the Chisenhale Gallery. Davey has exhibited extensively across the UK and Europe. He is now the Programme Leader of MA Fine art, University of East London and a visiting Professor of the University of the Arts London. Most recently he has undertaken residencies at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Cambridge and the Centre for Research in String Theory, Queen Mary University of London.

Dr David Berman is a string theorist at Queen Mary University of London. After obtaining his PhD in Durham he worked as a researcher at the universities of Utrecht, Groningen and Jerusalem before becoming a research fellow at the University of Cambridge and then finally a faculty member at Queen Mary. He has spent the last 20 years working on understanding the symmetries behind string theory- the theory unifying general relativity with quantum theory. His research today focusses in studying new and novel geometric formulations of the theory. Apart from theoretical physics, he has held a long term interest in the arts and in particular how the flow of ideas generated by contemporary physics can flow into, and become a part of, the cultural landscape. This has lead him to be involved in various collaborations with artists throughout the years, most recently with Grenville Davey.


Grenville Davey & Dr David Berman in conversation
Thursday 22 May 2014
from ChelseaPublicProgramme on Vimeo.