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December 1952 By Earle Brown
directed by Cally Spooner

28.04.09 - 30.04.09

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".. I had the impulse to do something with this highly spontaneous performing attitude (improvisational attitude that is) from a score that would have many multiple possibilities of interpretation. Under the influence of Calder, I considered this kind of thing to be mobility, which is to say - a score which was mobile. A score which had more than one potential form and performance realisation..

...But it was a considerable leap, or difficulty to conceive of a score that would in itself be something and in itself imply many more things….. I’m intrigued by the performance itself. I like very much conducting and rehearsing the music, but I’m not so much as interested in the piece ultimately being a monument, as I am in the piece existing as a field of activity, of music making activity, which exists between sympathetic and reasonable kinds of people. "


Over three consecutive days, four translations of Earle Brown’s graphical music score, December 1952, will materialise at Chelsea Space.

With: Taku Andu, Paul Bevan, Angela Blumberg, Alice Channer, Tania Chen, Robert Coleridge, Genvieve Giron, Lizzi Kew-Ross, Ian Mitchell, Andrew Morgan, Nancy Ruffer, David Ryan, Will Stuart and The Post String Quartet.

Directed by Cally Spooner

Tuesday 28th April

3:30 - 4:30pm

Several realisations of December 1952 plus Folio and Folio 2
Open rehearsals all day with performances

6:30 - 8pm

David Ryan (director, conductor)
with: Andrew Morgan (conductor), Nancy Ruffer, flute, Ian Mitchell, clarinet, Paul Bevan, trombone, Tania Chen, piano, The Post String Quartet
Alice Channer


See images of Tuesday 28th April



Wednesday 29th April, 11am - 4pm

Dance (plus drawing)

Lizzi Kew-Ross (choreographer)
with: Taku Andu, Genvieve Giron, Angela Blumberg, Robert Coleridge (musician)
Alice Channer


See images of Wednesday 29th April



Thursday 30th April, from 5pm

Conversation (of indeterminate length)

Will Stuart (Will Holder & Stuart Bailey)
Alice Channer


See images of Thursday 30th April



All events are taking place at CHELSEA space


Edits from a monologue on December 1952 delivered by Earle Brown, Speaking in Berlin, November 1970.
From: Earle Brown Music Foundation, online archive www.earlebrown.org





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