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Bruce McLean
Process Progress Project Archive 1966 - 2006

Curated by Donald Smith

28.01.06 - 11.03.06

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Process Progress Project Archive 1996 - 2006 is a six week process-spective that ends on the same day that Bruce McLean held his King for a Day one-day 'retrospective' in 1972. That is to say, it ends at the beginning.

Not only same day but also same street because directly facing CHELSEA space is the Tate Gallery (now Tate Britain) the venue for the 1972 one-day retrospective.

CHELSEA space acts as a container for a collection of archives, films, posters, notebooks, paintings, proposals, drawings, prints, slides, ceramics, audiotapes, photographs, models, invitation cards, press cuttings, plans, objects, and ephemera, spanning four decades.

At intervals across a six week period McLean unpacks elements from this collection, look at them; discuss them; install them; perform them; project them; remake them; order them; re-order them; hide them; listen to them; uninstall them; repack them.

Process Progress Project Archive is series of prospective open conversations in a constantly changing and unfinished installation.

Bruce McLean is performing/ installing/ demonstrating/ talking/ screening making/ listening/ archiving/ looking at CHELSEA space Every Tuesday 3-5.30pm, Friday 4-5.30pm, Saturday 11am-4pm and at other times throughout the exhibition.

Also special closing event on Saturday 11th March 2006 12am-4pm to mark the anniversary of 'King For A Day' 1972.

Throughout, artist Eddie Farrell is making an audio and visual recording of Bruce McLean's activities at CHELSEA space which is shown as an ongoing part of the exhibition.


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Bruce McLean, Live Event

Bruce McLean, Nice Style Pose

Installation view

Installation view