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Will Alsop: Towards...

Curated by Donald Smith

19.09.07 - 20.10.07

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The occupation of Chelsea space is a moment in a continuous thread of work. As such there is no beginning and no end... on route to something else which might exist in the future.

Will Alsop

For five weeks members of architect Will Alsop's studio team will occupy CHELSEA space, creating a satellite space for thinking, meeting, talking, planning: generating and collating ideas for potential future events that may or may not materialise - conversations, stories, public debates, walks, texts, manifestos, books, artworks, and possibly buildings or even cities.

Will Alsop has gained an international reputation for radical, pioneering architecture, creating buildings which are often colourful, asymetric, and challenging. His striking designs are matched by the boldness of his ideas and the conviction of his beliefs. Through individual buildings and urban planning Alsop has been a champion of urban regeneration, making positive gestures where previously there was only neglect, distopia, or indifference.

At CHELSEA space Alsop aims to pose questions and introduce themes, inviting guests, friends, and colleagues to take part in a series of events and discussions. The visiting audience will be encouraged to contribute ideas that will be collated, edited, and then presented as chapter headings, lists, or sketches that will grow throughout the duration of the exhibition.

A series of starting points...Towards...



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Peckham Library

Will Alsop: Peckham Library



Ontario College of Art Toronto

Will Alsop: Ontario College of Art Toronto



Sketch ideas by Will Alsop

Sketch ideas by Will Alsop