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Hello 2015 and a sad farewell to some good friends

Benedict Drew Dyslexic Shanty

poster for Benedict Drew’s Dyslexic Shanty

Benedict Drew Performing Dyslexic Shanty in the Triangle Space at Chelsea

Benedict Drew performing Dyslexic Shanty at the Triangle Space at Chelsea

2014 ended for CHELSEA space with the popular exhibition Bob Cobbing:Bill Jubobe and a spectacular finale in the form of an especially commissioned performance by Benedict Drew on Thursday 18th December.

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Peter Downsbrough and the Shamberg Turtle + Shelagh Cluett and Lloyd Johnson via Tom Waits

invitation to a Turtle

This week there was a poetry and sound event at the Hardy Tree Gallery as part of the latest Michael Shamberg ‘Turtle’.

The very first ‘Turtle’ exhibition and series of events was Turtle: An Anarchic Salon at CHELSEA space in the summer of 2006. The project came about after the film maker Michael H Shamberg, who was well known for his work with the band New Order, had become ill with the debilitating Mitochondrial disease. The turtle had become a symbol … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Monitoring Stephen Willats (part 3)

Stephen Willats with curator Michele Drascek

One thing that has been confirmed by going through Stephen Willats’ West London  Social Resource Project materials is that, whether its 1972 or 2011, Stephen always has an eye for cool luggage. We are wondering whether the striped bag in the black and white photograph from 1972 was as bright as his latest one.

an image of Stephen Willats in 1972 from the editioned boxed set of examples from the WEST LONDON SOCIAL RESOURCE PROJECT

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