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Ten and a half and still going strong

CHELSEA space #61 -  Leslie Foxcroft: 'Corners'

CHELSEA space #61 – Leslie Foxcroft: ‘Corners’

Our 61st exhibition, Leslie Foxcroft: Corners, is now in its final week. This elegantly poised minimal installation helps us reflect not only on the excellent work of this highly respected artist but also on the architecture that it inhabits.

Leslie Foxcroft

Leslie Foxcroft ‘Defining’ 2015

The material language of MDF, screws and washers is unembellished and clear and Foxcroft’s title – Corners – is equally … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Thanks 2012 – Hello 2013

stacked Gary Woodley designed bench with mirrorball in the window of CHELSEA space with Tate Britain and Millbank Tower behind

It’s time for CHELSEA space to say thank you to those who took part in our 2012 programme and to wish a Happy New Year to everyone who came to visit us.

Kate Ross (left) and Daisy McMullan in front of Daniel Sturgis's painting 'All or Nothing' 2012

It’s long overdue but we … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Neue Slowenische Kunst, Clyde Hopkins, Peter Fillingham, Roger Ackling, and Peter Downsbrough

New Collectivism 'Baptism Under Triglav'

Our exhibition Neue Slowenische Kunst has kicked off a season of activity around NSK and we are now looking forward to IRWIN – Time For a New State and NSK Folk Art at Calvert 22 and the symposium and Laibach concert at Tate Modern.

Clyde Hopkins 'Fiveacre'

Meanwhile, Clyde Hopkins’ exhibition of wonderfully hallucinogenic  paintings at our sister gallery Chelsea Futurespace  has been extended and … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Peter Downsbrough and the Shamberg Turtle + Shelagh Cluett and Lloyd Johnson via Tom Waits

invitation to a Turtle

This week there was a poetry and sound event at the Hardy Tree Gallery as part of the latest Michael Shamberg ‘Turtle’.

The very first ‘Turtle’ exhibition and series of events was Turtle: An Anarchic Salon at CHELSEA space in the summer of 2006. The project came about after the film maker Michael H Shamberg, who was well known for his work with the band New Order, had become ill with the debilitating Mitochondrial disease. The turtle had become a symbol … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Peter Downsbrough, Bill Beckley, Matthew Higgs, Lynda Morris, and the original white columns of 112 Greene Street

Peter Downsbrough watches Aurea Romero during filming at CHELSEA space

The final two days of Peter Downsbrough’s show were taken up with filming Aurea Romero’s rehearsals as part of the larger AND HERE + A PLACE TO BE project curated by Anna Manubens. Visitors were encouraged to enter the main space and witness the filming process standing alongside Peter Downsbrough and Curator/Choreographer Anna Manubens.

Peter Downsbrough and Anna Manubens oversee filming at CHELSEA space

More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Last rehearsals Friday 9th and Saturday 10th. And in other news…Cally Spooner, Shelagh Cluett, Barney Bubbles, and Carol Tulloch.

Aurea Romero continues to deepen her relationship with Peter Downsbrough's installation during rehearsals at CHELSEA space

It is the last week of Peter Downsbrough’s AND HERE at CHELSEA space and Aurea Romero’s movement in the installation, choreographed in collaboration with Anna Manubens, will culminate in two full days of rehearsals on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th of December.


Peter Downsbrough and Kaatje Cusse will be coming in from Belgium and Anna … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

More rehearsals from Aurea Romero + Seth Seigelaub and other visitors

A body in space - Aurea Romero working with Peter Downsbrough's AND HERE

Twice a week during Peter Downsbrough’s installation AND HERE at CHELSEA space,  a series of open rehearsals are taking place exploring spatial relationships between the human body in motion and the artist’s work. Dancer Aurea Romero receives choreographic notes and prompts from curator/choreographer Anna Manubens in Barcelona and a film document is made of Romero’s interpretation of the suggested choreography and her intuitive movements in response to Downsbrough’s placement of lines, … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Open the show first, then do the rehearsals

Peter Downsbrough (left) with Director of Tate Modern Chris Dercon at CHELSEA space

After the hugely successful and enjoyable opening for Peter Downsbrough’s AND HERE + A PLACE TO BE,  the crowds have cleared and his brilliant installation awaits the dance rehearsals choreographed by curator Anna Manubens with Aurea Romero.

Peter Downsbrough AND HERE at CHELSEA space

The choreographed rehearsals made in response to Downsbrough’s installation will take place from 1-4pm every Thursday … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Tuesday – PETER DOWNSBROUGH – Wednesday – DAVID TREMLETT – a great week ahead

This week coming we are involved with two of the most significant artists to emerge in the 1970’s and two new site-related works

Peter Downsbrough 'AQUI' 2008. Angels Gallery Barcelona

Tuesday 8th November 6-8.30pm Peter Downsbrough AND HERE + A PLACE TO BE opens at CHELSEA space . This show is Downsbrough’s first UK outing since his 1973 show at Jack Wendler Gallery, London, a subject that curator Teresa Gleadowe covered for us here at CHELSEA space  in the excellent Dematerialised: Jack Wendler Gallery 1971 … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here