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Lloyd Johnson Pulls a Crowd

Johnsons Fans gather outside of CHELSEA space

The Lloyd Johnson private view at CHELSEA space was a huge success and friends, fans and collectors came from all over the world to celebrate Lloyd and revisit his brilliant designs.

Lloyd Johnson greets writer and curator Paul Gorman

The big question was what to wear, some people dusted down their Johnsons and La Rocka gear whilst Lloyd, ever the mod/Ivy leaguer, wore a three … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Derek Boshier, “Everyman” Falling + Lloyd Johnson, A Man Installing

Artist Derek Boshier talks as part of the CHELSEA programme

We were very grateful to our good friend the artist Stephen Farthing for inviting Derek Boshier to come and talk about his work as part our CHELSEA programme of public events. Derek Boshier’s excellent talk confirmed his position not only as an important artist but also as one of the most original, experimental, and political artists of his generation.

[caption id=”attachment_1538″ align=”alignnone” width=”332″ caption=”Derek Boshier at Chelsea in front of a projection of his … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Pop Talk

David Bowie 'Lodger' 1979

Derek Boshier, who is giving a talk as part of our CHELSEA programme of public events, designed the cover for David Bowie’s 1979 album Lodger in collaboration with Bowie and the photographer Brian Duffy.

Wallpaper design by David Bowie1995

A David Bowie wallpaper design was loaned to CHELSEA space for the exhibition Ideal Home by pop culture  commentator Paul Gorman who coincidently will be … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

A talk with Derek Boshier and an exhibition with Lloyd Johnson – Paul Gorman kicks off the 2012 CHELSEA programme

2011 was fantastic but is now a thing of the past so CHELSEA space and the wider CHELSEA programme of public talks and events are looking forward to bringing you good things in 2012. Our two January events are both in collaboration with our good friend the writer and pop culture commentator Paul Gorman; The first is an evening with Pop Artist Derek Boshier and the second is an exhibition about Rock Fashion designer and retailer Lloyd Johnson. By co-incidence both Johnson and Boshier have worked with David Bowie and the Clash amongst others.

[caption id=”attachment_1461″ align=”alignnone” width=”500″ caption=”Derek Boshier … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Thank you for visiting CHELSEA space and Best Wishes for 2012

2012 Will Be Another Great Year From CHELSEA space

Next Show - Lloyd Johnson: The Modern Outfitter. curated by Paul Gorman - 24.01.12 - 03.03.12

Last rehearsals Friday 9th and Saturday 10th. And in other news…Cally Spooner, Shelagh Cluett, Barney Bubbles, and Carol Tulloch.

Aurea Romero continues to deepen her relationship with Peter Downsbrough's installation during rehearsals at CHELSEA space

It is the last week of Peter Downsbrough’s AND HERE at CHELSEA space and Aurea Romero’s movement in the installation, choreographed in collaboration with Anna Manubens, will culminate in two full days of rehearsals on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th of December.


Peter Downsbrough and Kaatje Cusse will be coming in from Belgium and Anna … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

David Tremlett invigorates the Tate stairs, whilst Bob and Roberta Smith, David Bowie, and Keith Richards add touches to the ideal home

David Tremlett with his wall drawing on the Tate Britain Manton staircase

David Tremlett has removed the scaffold to reveal his epic new wall drawing for Tate Britain’s Manton staircase. The difficult task of creating this work, discussed in a recent CHELSEA space blog, has all been worthwhile and Tate Britain has an important new work to show its many visitors.

David Tremlett's epic new wall drawing for Tate Britain

As mentioned … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Bubbles on the Grand Canal and some DIY for the ideal home

Martina Gonano in Venice with Elvis Costello's Armed Forces LP packaging brilliantly designed by Barney Bubbles

Almost exactly a year since former CHELSEA space assistant  Martina Gonano was working on our exhibition Process: The Working Practices of Barney Bubbles (brilliantly curated by Paul Gorman) she sent us an email to say that her boyfriend had  just come home to their Venetian apartment with a copy of the Bubbles designed Armed Forces by Elvis Costello. This innovative packaging solution was one of many unusual Barney … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Private views, Rietveld chairs, The Worlds End and Dragons Den

Richard Long with his portable Roger Ackling sculpture

The private view for Roger Ackling was a fantastic celebration and a big crowd, from young students to seasoned professionals, turned out to see Roger’s work and enjoy time with him. Artist Richard Long became a temporary performative  part of the show as he moved around revealing a work by Roger that he held in his hand.

old friends - Matt Rugg, Roger Ackling, and Ian Parker

More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Hubris – Nil / Humility – 1

Avalanche 1970 - 1976 curated by Lisa Le Feuvre. invitation card

Director Donald Smith has designed the exhibition programme so that it would be divided between the shows that he curates and those by invited curators working on new projects made especially for CHELSEA space. This invitation  to particular curators is an exploration of curatorial practice, to examine different approaches and to encourage guest curators to be experimental and explicitly describe their process through the exhibition itself.

[caption id=”attachment_1080″ align=”alignnone” width=”366″ caption=”CHELSEA … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here