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Last Day of Dome + New show opening at Chelsea Futurespace on Tuesday 23rd October

Sir Hugh Casson watercolour of the construction of the Dome of Discovery given by Casson to Ralph Tubbs

Today is the last day of the excellent Dome: Ralph Tubbs and the Festival of Britain. We opened as part of the London Design Festival and have had a remarkable audience response. It has been great to meet people visiting CHELSEA space for the first time and we have also enjoyed seeing old friends such as Lloyd Johnson and Jeff Dexter.

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Neue Slowenische Kunst ends at CHELSEA space

Ivan Novak speaks for Laibach in 'A Film From Slovenia' at CHELSEA space

After five very interesting and eventful weeks Neue Slowenische Kunst 1984-1992 comes to an end at CHELSEA space. Our show was the opening section of a London-wide co-operation between Tate Modern, Calvert22 and CHELSEA space; the events have kept rolling and the people kept coming.

Dragan Zivadinov with Donald Smith at CHELSEA space

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NSK State’s Peter Blase plus Henry Moore Indoors

Peter Blase at CHELSEA space

The NSK State artist Peter Blase came to visit Neue Slowenische Kunst 1984-1992 at CHELSEA space this week. Peter is currently showing some excellent work in the exhibition NSK Folk Art at Calvert 22 gallery as part of the London-wide co-operation on Neue Slowenische Kunst between CHELSEA space, Calvert 22 and Tate Modern.

Peter Blase's NSK State passport

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