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The end of our blue period, a wedding in Zagreb, and a private view for Grenville Davey

Director of Tate Modern, Chris Dercon, in CHELSEA space's Almost Bliss installation

Director of Tate Modern, Chris Dercon, in CHELSEA space’s Almost Bliss installation

Our show Almost Bliss: Notes on Derek Jarman’s Blue finally came to an end, the blue vinyl was removed from the windows and the strange effects of the blue gels vanished in the daylight. The commemorations of the life and work of the late Derek Jarman continue throughout the year with international film screenings and exhibitions but the finale of the London season of events marking the 20th anniversary … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Red White And Blue All Over

Brad Faine (left) and Steve Thomas (right)

Red White and Blue is not the only show in town and some of the artists can also be seen elsewhere at present: Steve Thomas is currently exhibiting at Chelsea Futurespace in PRINTS ‘R’ US  with Brad Faine.  Their prints inspired by pop-culture, graphics, and British and American Pop Art are full of colour, puns, wit and irony; the show at Chelsea Futurespace runs until 27th January 2013.  Steve also featured in CHELSEA space … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Private view of the Red White and Blue

Mark Titchner 'N(I)B' and Derek Jarman 'Jordan's Dance'

artist and writer Don Grant watches Vivienne Westwood in Paul Tickell's documentary 'Punk and the Pistols'

Laibach 'Anglia' and Sex Pistols 'God Save the Queen'

Ramp installation including Clash Flag and photographs by Jon Savage

[caption … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Last Day of Dome + New show opening at Chelsea Futurespace on Tuesday 23rd October

Sir Hugh Casson watercolour of the construction of the Dome of Discovery given by Casson to Ralph Tubbs

Today is the last day of the excellent Dome: Ralph Tubbs and the Festival of Britain. We opened as part of the London Design Festival and have had a remarkable audience response. It has been great to meet people visiting CHELSEA space for the first time and we have also enjoyed seeing old friends such as Lloyd Johnson and Jeff Dexter.

[caption id=”attachment_2570″ align=”alignnone” width=”500″ caption=”Lloyd Johnson and Jeff Dexter … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Neue Slowenische Kunst ends at CHELSEA space

Ivan Novak speaks for Laibach in 'A Film From Slovenia' at CHELSEA space

After five very interesting and eventful weeks Neue Slowenische Kunst 1984-1992 comes to an end at CHELSEA space. Our show was the opening section of a London-wide co-operation between Tate Modern, Calvert22 and CHELSEA space; the events have kept rolling and the people kept coming.

Dragan Zivadinov with Donald Smith at CHELSEA space

We were delighted  … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

IRWIN visit CHELSEA space

IRWIN's Miran Mohar in conversation with the Director of Tate Britain, Penelope Curtis, at CHELSEA space

After Miran Mohar came from Ljubljana for the private view of Neue Slowenische Kunst 1984 – 1992 we were delighted this week that other members of IRWIN came to CHELSEA space to meet us and view the exhibition.

Dusan Mandic (IRWIN), Haris Hararis (NSK archivist), Roman Urjanek (IRWIN) photo: Manca Bajec

Dusan Mandic and … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Neue Slowenische Kunst, Clyde Hopkins, Peter Fillingham, Roger Ackling, and Peter Downsbrough

New Collectivism 'Baptism Under Triglav'

Our exhibition Neue Slowenische Kunst has kicked off a season of activity around NSK and we are now looking forward to IRWIN – Time For a New State and NSK Folk Art at Calvert 22 and the symposium and Laibach concert at Tate Modern.

Clyde Hopkins 'Fiveacre'

Meanwhile, Clyde Hopkins’ exhibition of wonderfully hallucinogenic  paintings at our sister gallery Chelsea Futurespace  has been extended and … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Neue Slowenische Kunst 1984 – 1992 Opens This Week

Laibach advertisement for launch of the single Life is Life

After much anticipation on Tuesday 20th March CHELSEA space opens the exhibition Neue Slowenische Kunst 1984 – 1992.

Theatre of the Sisters of Scipion Nasice

The show concerns the activities of the radical Slovenian art collective later known as NSK who are widely considered the last true avant-garde of the 20th century.

[caption id=”attachment_1950″ align=”alignnone” width=”500″ caption=”organisational and functional chart of Neue Slowenische … More To Follow: Read The Full Text Here

Goodbye to Lloyd / Hello to Neue Slowenische Kunst + Mick Jones and Suzanne Treister Revisited

She's a model and she's looking good

We were sad to see the going of Lloyd Johnson: The Modern Outfitter but, true to form, Lloyd cheered us all up by taking down the roof of his VW and driving off  with his shop mannequins all seatbelted in and ready to go.

Toy Boy - Lloyd Johnson and The Mannequins

Street Fashion

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