Elizabeth Price Turner Prize win + Mark Titchner, Black Sabbath, & Samuel Beckett. The last week of Red White and Blue

Elizabeth Price 'Monument to Dematerialisation' 2006 from the exhibition The Affirmation at CHELSEA space

Congratulations to Elizabeth Price on winning the Turner Prize at Tate Britain. Elizabeth, who featured in CHELSEA space #17, The Affirmation , gave a short but perfectly pitched speech remembering the late Mike Stanley and quietly sending the message to the Government and the State Secretary for Education Michael Gove that she would not have pursued a successful career as an artist had it not been for a strong arts curriculum at school and a free education at art school. The importance of funding for the arts and arts education was also the theme of the speeches by Director of Tate Britain, Penelope Curtis and the presenter of the Prize, the actor Jude Law.

flyer for the Chelsea 'Teach In' protest at the 2010 Turner Prize

Penelope Curtis recalled the ‘Teach in’ anti-budget cuts protest by staff and students of Chelsea College of Art and Design and other colleges at the 2010 Turner Prize, covered in our Blog at that time, and reiterated the need to continue the fight for Government financial backing in the arts.

Mark Titchner N(I)B 2011

2006 Turner prize nominee Mark Titchner is currently featured in Red White and Blue at CHELSEA space. His film N(I)B was originally commissioned for his one person show Be True To Your Oblivion at New Art Gallery Walsall in 2011.

Mark Titchner N(I)B 2011

The film is a video portrait of  Nicholas Bullen, founding member and singer with the Grindcore band, Naipalm Death. N(I)B presents us with a close up of Bullen’s mouth as he performs a work by Titchner, the work combines a list of the 200 words banned by Local Government associations which are transformed through the use of a Gematria Calculator which gives numerical value to words and phrases. The LGA banned words include ‘actioned’, ‘ambassador’, ‘core value’, ‘functionality’, and ‘sustainable communities’ amongst others – a strange and intriguing list!  Titchner’s mesmerising, slowed down, silent piece, with its references to  subversive music and political correctness, is at the heart of the themes of Red White and Blue.

Billy Whitelaw performing Samuel Beckett's 'Not I' for a 1975 BBC TV production reprising her 1973 Royal Court performance

The title ‘N(I)B refers to the Black Sabbath song of the same name and to the BBC film of actor Billie Whitelaw’s performance of Samuel Beckett’s ‘Not I’  where the camera focuses exclusively on the exaggerated movements of her mouth.

Samuel Beckett's 'Not I' (left) as part of the exhibition 'Rehearsing/Samuel Beckett' at CHELSEA space

Beckett’s nephew, the musician Edward Beckett, kindly gave us permission to show ‘Not I’ as part of our exhibition Rehearsing/Samuel Beckett in 2006.

Mark Titchner with his work Ur Text and Marcel Duchamp's Rotoreliefs at CHELSEA space in 2007

Mark Titchner contemplates his film N(I)B and Derek Jarman's 'Jordan's Dance' at CHELSEA space in 2012

Titchner had previously evoked Black Sabbath in the exhibition Vertigo:Marcel Duchamp and Mark Titchner where he explained that, although he recognised the importance of Marcel Duchamp, his own introduction to roto-scopic art came when he bought a secondhand copy of Black Sabbath’s 1971 album, Master of Reality, on the Vertigo Records label who’s logo graphic was a pastiche of a Duchamp Rotorelief. Titchner’s film ‘The Artist’s Studio’ made for Vertigo  at CHELSEA space was reshown as a projection in our exhibition Ideal Home in 2011.

framed vertigo record (left) next to Paul Tickell's 'Punk and the Pistols' and Pil and Galia Kollectiv's 'WE'

The framed vinyl record on the Vertigo label has reappeared in our current exhibition Red White and Blue: Pop Punk Politics Place.

Michael Bracewell in front of Daniel Sturgis's painting at CHELSEA space

Michael Bracewell who wrote an excellent text for our Red White and Blue  publication came to visit CHELSEA space this week. Happily, he liked the show and thought it would be regarded as a “significant bench mark”.

Nicky Carvell 'Hemel 17'

He was particularly taken by the hanging of the main space  containing works by Daniel Sturgis, Simon Periton, Neil Clements and Nicky Carvell.

Ignite nightclub Hemel Hempstead photographed by Paul Ryan

Nicky Carvell’s piece, Hemel 17, includes a large photograph of the Ignite nightclub, a seemingly corrugated industrial shed with a postmodern “classical” facade. On a recent visit to Hemel Hempstead artist and theorist Paul Ryan recognised Ignite after seeing the Nicky Carvell piece at CHELSEA space and took this photograph to show us how it has been repainted since Nicky’s work was made. Paul says the club is in a retail centre called ‘Jarman Park’ adding an ” odd extra connection with the works in your show” referring to Derek Jarman’s super 8 film ‘Jordan’s Dance’ 1977.

Left: Mark Titchner N(I)B 2011. Right: Derek Jarman 'Jordan's dance' 1977

Red White and Blue: Pop Punk Politics Place  ends at CHELSEA space this Saturday -8th December- at 4pm. Don’t miss it!