Max Clendinning Sofa So Good Since 1967

Max Clendinning's home in Alwyne Road London 1966 photo: John Donat

Our  recent exhibition Max Clendinning: Avant Craft focussed particularly on upright chairs designed and made between 1964 and 2006. We did show  images of his 1960s home in Alwyne Road, London, featured in the 1966-7 Decorative Art in Modern Interiors, which gave some indication of the  sofas and lounge chairs that he also designed and some of the more relaxed aspects of living that he advocated in his interior design.

1967 Max Clendinning sofa owned by Frances and David Pearce

We were delighted when a visitor, who had come up from Devon to see the show, handed us images of some Max Clendinning modular lounge furniture that we were previously unaware of.

1967 sofa profile

Frances and David Pearce had bought the furniture in Cardiff in 1967.

two seater

Frances explained that they had kept the furniture since that time and that, because of the rubber straps used to suspend the cushioned seats, the sofas were great favourites with her children when they were growing up.

sofa side view

In a touching note to Max, Frances wrote ” Dear Mr Cl, we thought you might be interested to see we still have some of your furniture bought in 1967 in Cardiff the year we married. Despite being used by numerous children as trampolines it is still going strong. Thank you F & D”.

armchair photographed in Max Clendinning's home 2012

We did see some playful examples of Max’s designs in his home whilst preparing for his exhibition.

work table/desk designed by Max Clendinning

Max Clendinning kitchen cupboards

Frances Pearce’s story of her children using the furniture as trampolines seems completely in keeping with Max’s own joy in his work and the fact that the Pearce family still have the furniture tells us that both their happy memories and Max’s designs have stood the test of time.

Max Clendinning and Ralph Adron in a 1960s photoshoot for one of Max's sofa designs

If you missed the show at CHELSEA space you can still see Max Clendinning’s work in the major exhibition  British Design 1948-2012 at the Victoria and Albert Museum