Last rehearsals Friday 9th and Saturday 10th. And in other news…Cally Spooner, Shelagh Cluett, Barney Bubbles, and Carol Tulloch.

Aurea Romero continues to deepen her relationship with Peter Downsbrough's installation during rehearsals at CHELSEA space

It is the last week of Peter Downsbrough’s AND HERE at CHELSEA space and Aurea Romero’s movement in the installation, choreographed in collaboration with Anna Manubens, will culminate in two full days of rehearsals on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th of December.


Peter Downsbrough and Kaatje Cusse will be coming in from Belgium and Anna Manubens will return from Spain to oversee choreography and filming of the rehearals as part of a wider project exploring dance and movement in reponse to Downsbrough’s work.

visitors take advantage of the bench at CHELSEA space to sit and watch Aurea Romero

The whole piece, conceived by Downsbrough and Manubens, will be a triptych consisting of this first work in relation to the static installation, the edited filmed rehearsals will constitute the second element and the third part will consist of a work using projection, lighting and staging in a theatre space with the intention of minimizing the “body movement while setting in motion the stage space”.

Rehearsals as part of Cally Spooner's 'December 1952' at CHELSEA space in 2009

‘Rehearsal’ has been a subject that CHELSEA space has returned to again and again  throughout our six and a half year history, starting with the performance Food Eating during our very first exhibition with Gary Woodley and firmly set within our curatorial canon with Rehearsing/Samuel Beckett. Artist and curator Cally Spooner’s December 1952 explored rehearsal in relation to a score by the American composer Earle Brown. Spooner’s work has gone from strength to strength in the past few years and Director of Focal Point Gallery and curator of  The Affirmation  at CHELSEA space , Andy Hunt, named her as a ‘Future Great’ in Art Review. Cally Spooner is currently undertaking an eight month solo project at International Project Space in Birmingham.

Henry Moore Institute's Lisa Le Feuvre with Shelagh Cluett's work at CHELSEA space

A year after the CHELSEA space exhibition Shelagh Cluett Sculpture 1977-1980 Cluett’s archive has been acquired by the Henry Moore Institute archive and an excellent new exhibition Shelagh Cluett: Drawing In Space has opened at the Henry Moore Institute Sculpture Study Galleries. CHELSEA space were delighted to present the work and support the Trustees of the Shelagh Cluett Trust. Cluett’s work is also currently included in Re-make / Re-model curated by artist and CHELSEA space assistant Mike Iveson at our sister gallery, Chelsea Futurespace.

Barney Bubbles' ground breaking packaging and graphic designs for Elvis Costello's Armed Forces shown here (far right) at CHELSEA space in the brilliant exhibition curated by Paul Gorman

The current blockbuster exhibition Postmodernism at the Victoria and Albert Museum includes work by the late great designer Barney Bubbles . Bubbles was the subject of an extremely well received  CHELSEA space exhibition last year curated by Paul Gorman who is currently working with us on the forthcoming Lloyd Johnson show opening at CHELSEA space on 24th January. The V&A curatorial staff visited Paul Gorman several times  at our Barney Bubbles exhibition to consult on the Postmoderism show and other future V&A projects.  Amongst other works, the V&A have included the cover for Elvis Costello’s Armed Forces, one of Bubbles’ most innovative packaging and graphic solutions that we showed back in 2010. Meanwhile, if you were thinking of giving your  coffee table a fashion/music/cultural crossover feel this Christmas, Carol Tulloch, curator of the CHELSEA space exhibition A Riot of Our Own has written a catalogue essay entitled ‘Buffalo: Style with Intent’ for the V&A’s publication accompanying  the Postmodernism exhibition.