David Tremlett invigorates the Tate stairs, whilst Bob and Roberta Smith, David Bowie, and Keith Richards add touches to the ideal home

David Tremlett with his wall drawing on the Tate Britain Manton staircase

David Tremlett has removed the scaffold to reveal his epic new wall drawing for Tate Britain’s Manton staircase. The difficult task of creating this work, discussed in a recent CHELSEA space blog, has all been worthwhile and Tate Britain has an important new work to show its many visitors.

David Tremlett's epic new wall drawing for Tate Britain

As mentioned previously, CHELSEA space has been co-ordinating documentation of this work in the form of a  film interview created by Ed Webb Ingall and Stephen Farthing for the University of the Arts Centre For Drawing. It is intended for the film to be screened as the introduction to  a public talk with David Tremlett to be held in the Lecture Theatre of Chelsea College of Art and Design on 9th November. More details soon.

architect James I Wolfsohn's 'Marvel' model for a mobile home in the foreground as Manca Bajec works on the installation of 'ideal home'

In the meantime, CHELSEA space is fully occupied with the installation of ideal home which opens on Tuesday 20th September (private view 6-8.30pm).

Bob Smith with his 'Rock Record' kindly loaned to CHELSEA space by the Brehman Collection

Bob Smith dropped into CHELSEA space on his way to give a talk at Tate Britain where he has a work in the new display of 20th Century British Art. He was really pleased to see his Rock Record on loan to us for ideal home from the Brehman Collection. Rock Record is made of rough concrete but has a very fine top surface with the grooves of a 12″ vinyl record impressed into it.

CHELSEA space's Caitlin Smyth discusses placement of ceramics with Bruce Mclean

Other visitors this week included music writer Chris Salewicz, photographer Jane Ashley, and artist Bruce McLean who came to oversee the installation of his ceramics on their purpose built birch ply shelves by Gary Woodley, a long standing and visually arresting collaboration.

Biba logo on the lid of a Big Biba biscuit tin loaned by Paul Gorman

To accompany designer Steve Thomas’s new print based on his iconic designs for Biba, writer and curator Paul Gorman has kindly loaned us a tin of Biba baked beans and a biscuit tin with a Deco inspired Biba logo.

Steve Thomas designs for the Rolling Stones 'Get Yer Ya Ya's Out' album cover, Freixenet Cava and JPS cigarettes, and Biba baked beans

The Art Deco inspired logo on the Biba biscuit tin appears to be an extension of designs by John Kosh and Steve Thomas Associates’ for the 1970  Rolling Stones album Get Your Ya Ya’s Out and the black and gold Biba livery follows through in Whitmore Thomas’s designs for Freixenet Cava and John Player Special cigarettes.

wallpaper designed by David Bowie

Paul Gorman has also loaned CHELSEA space a small section of wallpaper designed by David Bowie. The wallpaper, made in 1995 for a Warchild charity fundraiser, depicts the self portrait of the recently deceased painter Lucian Freud in a Damian Hirst style glass tank on a Laura Ashley wallpaper background.