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#9 Kinoteca presents
an anarchic salon by Michael H Shamberg

27.06.06 - 05.08.06

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Installation views


Lawrence Weiner text

Exterior view with window text by Lawrence Weiner


Installation view


Installation view

Installation view (bar corner)


Lamia Ziade

Lamia Ziade


Ann Pibal

Ann Pibal



Derek Jarman  35mm test film for  Blue


Robert Breer Angelica Bergamini

Robert Breer Float, Moving sculpture, 1970;   Angelica Bergamini Cloud


Richard D. Tobias

Richard D. Tobias


Ned Richardson

Ned Richardson Tin Soldier


Ola Manana

Ola Manana Woman in wedding dress with turtle


Kirsten Weiner

Kirsten Weiner, poster


Ana Corbero

Installation close-up (Ana Corbero 1001 TEARS)


Louise A. Lawler

Corridor installation view (Louise A. Lawler Once There Was A Little Boy.... ; Derek Jarman)


Front room

Front room DVD projection (Philippe Decoufl Kaleidskop, DVD)


David Blandy performance

Performance by David Blandy  The Black and the White Minstrel (3 August 2006)